The mission of Goal Systems International (GSI) is to disseminate and apply the principles systems thinking and the tools of constraint management to improve the largest number of systems among the widest possible population around the world.

Commercial clients who diligently apply GSI's guidance invariably realize dramatically reduced order-to-delivery cycle times, improved profitability, and higher customer satisfaction levels. Typical results of successfully applying constraint management include: *

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For manufacturing companies...

  • 70% average REDUCTION in order-to-delivery lead time
  • 65% average REDUCTION in manufacturing cycle time
  • 44% average IMPROVEMENT in due-date performance
  • 49% average REDUCTION in inventory

For both manufacturing and service companies...

  • 63% average INCREASE in revenue / throughput ($$$)
  • 76% average INCREASE in profit

* SOURCE: Mabin, V.J. and S.J. Balderstone. The World of the Theory of Constraints. Boca Raton, FL: St. Lucie Press, 2000.

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In pursuit of our mission Goal Systems International follows a strategy that delivers:

  • The highest quality constraint management training and consulting
  • The most competitive prices
  • Personalized, customized service to each client

Goal Systems International is committed to making the constraint management accessible to individuals and organizations of all sizes and resources. GSI meets this commitment by tailoring services to the unique needs of its clients.