Goal Systems International's service to its clients is completely customized. Our objective is to make our clients self-sufficient in applying a systems approach and breaking their constraints, with the result that clients controlling their own journey to higher performance. We aim to do this as quickly as possible by providing...

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EDUCATION. Goal Systems International offers a selection of introductory / orientation events suitable for organizations that have become aware of systems thinking and constraints management and would like to know more about how it might apply in their domains. Most of these events are 1-2 days and can accommodate large numbers of people (50-100 or more). Where practical, "hands-on" demonstrations reinforce the benefits of constraint management.

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TRAINING. Some clients prefer to invent their own solutions to the challenges they face, to be the architects of their own future. GSI provides these clients a selection of training courses to equip them with the tools needed to capitalize on their capabilities and opportunities. GSI's courses are designed to make the client immediately and independently capable of breaking constraints to improved organizational performance.

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FACILITATION. Other clients prefer a more conservative approach---a proven transition from their current condition to a higher performance level. Such clients usually like to consolidate their early gains and build confidence in a low-risk environment before moving on to complete independence. For these clients, GSI offers a combination of training and facilitated consulting services.

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In these situations, GSI “partners” with consulting clients. We remain side-by-side with the client, until two objectives are met: 1) productive, measurable performance improvement occurs, and 2) the client is capable of continuing the constraint-breaking process without our help, and is confident that they can do so independently. Our philosophy is: If you don't succeed... we don't succeed. And once we begin the journey together, we will not let you fail!

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